Hopewell Woodwork is all about uniquely creative designs – traditional and modern – made with care for your home.

You've arrived at this site because mass-produced, cookie-cutter furniture, gifts and home wares aren't for you. You’re seeking singular pieces that reflect your taste, standard of quality, and your love of natural hardwoods. 

Perhaps you want an heirloom – maybe you prefer artistic creations – either way, all of my custom pieces are designed with your aesthetic and needs in mind. 

You’ll find working with me to be a unique, collaborative process:
I love partnering with clients on everything from design to the selection of materials and finishes. 
Clients especially enjoy watching the process of making their pieces via step-by-step photographs on my blog. 

In addition to custom-designed furniture and home wares, I offer a selection of original designs to give as gifts. My services are available for custom-made memorial items and caring for favorite pieces of furniture that need repair and restoration.