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HWW Family Tree

The Woodworker
I've been a code jockey for software firms, a gemologist, a surveyor, and even spent a summer in the Texas oil fields. I have an abiding love for the New Hampshire woods where I grew up, and they've drawn me home to my family farm, where my workshop resides. 

From my father, I learned to treasure and be a careful steward of the forests surrounding our farm. He was my first woodworking instructor. When I was no taller than the workbench, he helped me discover the thrill of creating something by hand. I've devoted much of my time in the ensuing years to perfecting my practice. I believe woodworking is akin to faceting jewels – revealing the graceful sweep of patterns amid the warm beauty of natural materials. The formal part of my education took place at the renowned North Bennet Street School, in the shadow of Boston’s Old North Church, where I learned the principles of design in furniture-making, both traditional and modern. 

Since graduating from North Bennet, I've had the joy of collaborating with clients to create exceptional pieces of furniture and home-wares. To this day, I get excited every time I finish a piece that captures a client’s dreams, that becomes a centerpiece in their home, an heirloom passed from one generation to the next. I’m a lucky man just to be part of all this.

The Silent Partner
My dear wife, Valerie, encouraged me to go after my dream of attending North Bennet Street School and opening my own woodworking shop. She tolerates sawdust permeating every nook and cranny of our home, handles a full-time job in the city and the extensive left-brain details of our lives. She keeps us all rooted.

The First Dog
Chester is a 12 ½-year-old German Shepherd-Chow mix that we accidentally/on purpose adopted from the pound. We wanted to meet one of his siblings, but Chester was so nervous over the formal introductions that he became trapped between our feet instead of getting away. He tangled himself up in our hearts that day and pretty much every day since.

The Second Dog
Now 6 ½, Lily is also a pound pup with Boxer, Chow and Irish Setter branches to her ancestral tree. Despite such distinguished pedigree, she still manages to forget why she shouldn't chase porcupines. Lily loves hanging out in my workshop because it provides her with plenty of scrap wood to gnaw on. She leads an exceptionally hard life.