Products and Services

Your thoughtfully made, one-of-a-kind piece starts with an email or phone call. 

We’ll talk about what you want in practical terms, how you or your family plan to use the piece, where you want it in your home, your choice of wood and finish, your timeline. And the intangibles – what you’d love to see brought out in the wood, the types of furniture and hand-made works that inspired you to get in touch in the first place.

We’ll agree to a timeline, based on projects currently scheduled.

In addition to emails, you’ll actually see the piece take shape in my workshop, through updates posted on my blog and Facebook page (which one both? how to update both at same time? aka auto populate one or the other. at key intervals as the design progresses.

All custom work requires a 50% deposit with the balance due at completion, prior to shipping or delivery.

Depending on your location, I offer free delivery in areas of New England near my workshop. Otherwise, shipping, handling and insurance are included in the final payment.

If you’d like to start a project, or simply have questions, please drop me a line at: or call: 781-354-3006